Belly Balm is deeply restorative in nature. It contains oils we typically think of as face-repair oils like rosehip and pomegranate oils. These deeply nourishing oils repair stretched, damaged, and marked skin. Cacao butter, comfrey-infused oil and olive squalene provide deep hydration for skin that has lost its elasticity. With essential oils of pine, sandalwood, and cedarwood, Un-Stretch Belly Balm smells like an enchanted forest.


Because Un-Stretch Belly Balm is made for skin that has been pushed to the limits, its main properties are hydration and skin repair.

Cacao butter serves as the solid base and is mixed through with skin-repair oils such as rosehip and pomegranate. A comfrey-infused oil provides both hydration and skin repair.

Castor and coconut oils add to the deeply hydrating nature of this balm.

Un-Stretch Belly Balm is made with pure oils and butters so that no preservatives have to be used. This keeps it safe during pregnancy and beyond. 


Medera has prepared a single extraction for Un-Stretch Belly Balm. Comfrey-infused grapeseed oil is prepared by steeping comfrey leaves in grapeseed oil for a short period of time under a constant, controlled temperature. The fat soluble compounds dissolve in the oil creating an infusion or enflourage.