Butt Balm is completely gentle in nature. It's made to care for a baby's butt after all. As gentle as it is, Butt Balm is also a weapon against nappy rash and irritated baby skin. With zero preservatives and even completely unscented, Butt Balm doesn't cause bad reactions. It stops them dead in their tracks.


Butt Balm contains anti-bacterial, antifungal, skin healing herbs to support baby's skin journey with nappies. Calendula-infused MCT oil keeps baby's butt protected from bacteria while comfrey-infused grapeseed oil promotes faster skin healing when rashes occur. Chamomile-infused MCT oil gives the balm a relaxing, calming scent and effect.

Oat lipid keeps baby's bum very hydrated and keeps a natural balance of skin fats on the skin's surface.

Butt Balm's aroma comes naturally from MCT (coconut) oil. It smells delicious but doesn't contain essential oils or synthetic fragrances. This keeps Butt Balm sensitive for newborn skin.


Medera has prepared three extractions for Butt Balm. Calendula-infused MCT oil, chamomile-infused MCT oil and comfrey-infused grapeseed oil are made by macerating the herbs in their respective oils  under a constant and controlled temperature. This allows the active constituents to dissolve in the oil base, creating an infusion or enfleurage.