Lucid Dreamer was made for exploratory people who understand that there must be something to this "other place" that we visit most nights. It's for those who understand that you might not always find what you're looking for, but it's always worth looking.

This tea should not be consumed by pregnant women. This tea should not be consumed by those with serious mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, severe sleepwalking, bipolar disorder, DID, etc. It should be avoided by those prone to night terrors.


Best consumed around half an hour before bed.


This tea can be used as a tool to answer questions such as finding a lost item or understanding which choice to make in a situation. To do this, you can

  1. Formulate a question
  2. Pour 150ml boiling water over 1-2 heaped tablespoons of Lucid Dreamer blend. If you want a stronger effect, add more. Allow to steep for at least 5-10 minutes to extract the bioactive compounds. Strain and consume.
  3. While you are drinking your cup of tea, meditate on your questions and the ways it might be answered in your dream.
  4. Go to bed and enjoy the journey.