Saffron Milk Night Cream is best enjoyed by those with dry skin or skin that is losing its elasticity. The texture and richness of Saffron Milk makes it inappropriate for those with oily skin. Dry, flakey, or wrinkly skin can benefit greatly from this Ayurvedic preparation.


Saffron Milk Night Cream should be used at night. Its thick luxurious texture takes some time to be absorbed by skin, and the quietude of night-time is a perfect opportunity to let skin slowly absorb the constituents of the cream. The face can be cleaned in the morning and a lighter day serum can be used in the daytime.


Dab a small amount of Saffron Milk onto various spots on the face. Using the finger tips, massage slowly in, focusing on problem areas such as under-eyes and where frown lines occur. Wash face in the morning and use a light serum throughout the day, such as Medera's Moringa Face Serum.