Who: Vegan Oatmeal Bath Milk can be used by anybody over 3 months of age. In fact, it is a sleep remedy for infants and adults alike. Vegan Oatmeal Bath Milk is especially good for sensitive skin of all ages. It's vegan, too!

When: Can be used at night time to induce sleep or otherwise anytime a soaking is called for. Use on hands, feet, or the whole body after strenuous exercise or as a tool for relaxation.

How: As a foot or hand soak, or to bathe an infant: Scoop 2-3 tablespoons into warm water and mix well.

For a whole body soak: Use 1/2 the jar's contents. Mix in as the bath is filling up. The better you mix, the more the water will acquire a milky consistency. If the colloidal oats form clumps at the beginning, just keep mixing. They will eventually disperse.

Warning: Oats make the bath tub very slippery. Be sure to clean well after draining.