Lucid Dreamer is expansive in nature. The quality of it is opening, exploratory, visionary. Lucid Dreamer is unusual in nature too, in that it induces more vivid, active dreaming and better dream call. Its unusual flavours are memorable and the effects, even more so.


Bitter and earthy, Lucid Dreamer wasn't made to be delicious. We think it's well worth the flavour experience for what happens when the lights go out. Fortune truly does favour the brave, although Medera doesn't think it's that bad.


It's not entirely clear what's in Mexican Dream Herb that makes it so dream inducing, but it's thought that the volatile compound of the herb (what makes it so aromatic and slightly bitter) is responsible. In any case, this tea's effects are extremely dream inducing thanks to Mexican Dream Herb, mugwort, damiana, and brahmi. Medera tops it off with passionflower so that hopefully, the dream is smooth sailing.


Lucid Dreamer can be used to intensify the dreams and to improve dream recall. It can be used simply out of curiosity or it can be used to answer a question, such as the whereabouts of a lost item.

Medera can't promise what you're going to find out there while your body snoozes through the night, but we think it's definitely worth looking.

Lucid dreaming isn't just about remembering dreams, but being able to act voluntarily in them. Lucid Dreamer has potent dream-inducing effects, which is obviously very conducive to lucid dreaming. But it's thought that lucid dreaming isn't a spontaneous event and requires years of training to master. In this way, Medera doesn't make any promises that you'll have full control over your dream.