Milk Tea is milky in nature, abundant and flowing. Milk Tea's objective is to, quite literally, get the milk flowing. But it's also delicious and ritual in nature. Milk Tea is the perfect cup of tea to have in hand while breast feeding. With a delicious anise and roasted wattle seed base, this chai is creamy, tasty, and promotes the flow of breast milk. 

Milk Tea also contains fennel seeds and cardamom which are aromatic digestives. When tiny amounts of these aromatics travel through breast milk to baby, they help baby with digestion.


Milk Tea tastes like a chai with a strong anise base flavour. With roasted wattle seed as the base, the base notes are toasty, somewhat caramel, and a little like coffee. Star anise, fennel seeds, cloves, and cinnamon give Milk Tea a rich, spicy, chai flavour that's both warming and comforting.


Milk Tea's primary property is that it is a galactagogue. Anise, fennel seeds, fenugreek, and chaste berries promote the production and flow of breast milk. They are nestled in a roasted wattle seed base that is non-caffeinated and safe to drink during lactation. Cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves are added to give the chai a richer flavour. Both comforting and functional, this tea is the perfect addition to feeding time for mum and baby.


Milk Tea is best used by women who are breastfeeding as its primary quality is promoting lactation. However, Milk Tea also contains aromatic digestive herbs that can help improve symptoms of indigestion after eating. It can therefore also be used as a delicious after-dinner chai by those prone to indigestion.