Dirty Chai Beard Oil is stimulating in nature — to both the senses and the hair follicles. Designed to get beards growing and smelling like breakfast, Dirty Chai Beard Oil is energetic and fragrant. There's beard oil and then there's Dirty Chai Beard Oil. If it's going to go on your face, it should also smell like an aromatic breakfast.


Coffee-infused MCT oil does two jobs: caffeine does the same thing to your hair follicles as it does to your brain, and MCT oil's lauric acid hydrates the hair and the skin.

Argan oil, also rich in caffeic acid and tocopherols, is absorbed easily into the beard and skin so that the only residue left is the smell of dirty chai.


Coffee-infused MCT oil makes for one of the most aromatic oil infusions we've ever made at Medera. This recipe also contains vanilla-infused MCT oil. The infusions are made by steeping the botanicals in MCT oil at a constant, controlled temperature for a period of time. At low temperatures, neither the botanicals nor the oils are compromised.