Earthly Beauty Face Toner is earthy in nature. Made 100% with plant extracts, this face toner is the easy way to get the benefits of earth onto your skin.


Rosewater, a well-known beauty product, is rich with volatile oils that beautify the complexion.

Witch hazel's high tannin content tonifies and cleans the skin, making it the perfect natural toner.

Turmeric for its curcumins; chickweed for its flavonoids.

Above and beyond Earthly Beauty Face Toner's biochemical properties, it's got the property of bringing out the natural you — freckles and all. Not an anti-ageing toner because Medera appreciates and loves aging and loves face lines. This product loves your face lines and tones the complexion to bring out the brightest you, whichever stage of life you're in.


Medera has prepared three extractions for this formula; chamomile, chickweed, and turmeric ethanol extractions. They are prepared using alcohol as a solvent and use distillation as the extraction technique. This means there are no toxic residual solvents in the product and Medera produces zero chemical waste in the process. Low heat preserves the phytochemical profile of each plant.