Harp Hand is soothing in nature. It was inspired by busy hands like those playing the harp. It's made to nourish and sooth muscles that are constantly moving, especially in repetitive motions. Harp Hands soothes the minor traumas that RSI-susceptible hands incur each day to keep them healthy like well-oiled machines.


Arnica extract provides sesquiterpene lactones that contribute to deep tissue healing.

Comfrey's allantoin and abundant polysaccharides penetrate tissue to heal wounds, even deep tissue ones.

Turmeric's colourful yellow curcumins reduce any inflammation already built up in the hands.

Beta-caryophyllene is used for its pain killing effects, and myrcene is used to increase transdermal absorption of all the other compounds.


Medera Apothecary has prepared three extractions for this formula. Arnica and turmeric are extracted using ethanol as a solvent and distillation as the extraction technique. This means that no toxic residual solvent is left in the final extract and Medera produces no chemical waste in the process. Low temperatures preserve the bioactive compounds of each plant.

Comfrey is infused into grapeseed oil by macerating comfrey leaves in the oil at a constant, controlled temperature for a period of time. Low temperatures are used so that the oil and the plant compounds are preserved.

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