Healthy Crack is stimulating in nature. With South American Guayusa and cascara, the outer shell of the berry of the coffee plant, this tea helps you catch the buzz of coffee without the actual caffeine.


Healthy Crack doesn't taste like coffee. It tastes more like... healthy crack? Earthy notes of guayusa meet the tartness, sweetness and caramel-ness of schisandra, elderberries and cascara. To top it off, lemongrass imparts an easy lightness and refreshment. The taste is overall balanced and without bitter notes.


The effects of Healthy Crack are stimulating. The baseline of this tea is guayusa, which contains theobromine, an alkaloid that also lives in the cacao plant. It's stimulating and promotes wakefulness. However, as with cacao, guayusa's stimulating effects taper down much slower than with coffee, preventing that 2pm crash.

Cascara, the outer shell of the coffee berry, contains small amounts of caffeine that add to the stimulating effects.

Lemongrass is added for aromatherapy effects to stimulate the senses.


Add it as a healthy substitute for coffee from time to time! You could even use it as a way to get off coffee if that's the next resolution.

Use Healthy Crack as an afternoon pick me up that doesn't leave you up until the wee hours of the morning.