Honey Dream Body Cream is dreamy in nature. Bees are a big theme in this body cream with honeyquat, honey, and beeswax. The texture of whipped butter that glides on like silk, is soft, delicate, chocolatey and sweet — it gives one the feeling of... oh, you know, godliness.


Honeyquat, honey and beeswax give humectant actions to the lotion, attracting moisture to the skin and keeping it locked in.

Calendula's triterpenes, carotenoids and flavonoids nourish and love the skin, healing it from the inside out.

Cacao butter imparts a delicious chocolatey smell as well as being the buttery component to this cream.

Chamomile's sesquiterpenes, coumarins, and flavonoids calm the skin and any lumps, bumps, or signs of dryness and itchiness.


Medera Apothecary has prepared two extractions for this formula.

The first; calendula-infused grapeseed oil, prepared by macerating calendula flowers in oil at a controlled, constant temperature for a period of time. The second; ethanol-based chamomile extract. Ethanol is used as the solvent and distillation is the extraction technique. Low temperatures ensure all plant compounds are protected, and no chemical waste is produced in the process.