Moringa Face Serum is potent in nature. This nutrient-packed face serum is generous with its good stuff, and a few drops goes a very long way. It's aromatic too with the smell of rose, cardamom, and a hint of lavender. Refreshing and luxurious, this is Medera's premium product.


Where do we start when it comes to this face serum? It's loaded with some of this planet's most nutrient rich oils.

Moringa's oleic acid is the magic ingredient. This fatty acid cleans, balances, calms, reduces sensitivity and enhances the complexion. Sea buckthorn seed oil's palmitoleic and palmitic acids help to remove dirt and excess sebum from the skin.

Evening primrose has a high content linoleic acid and small amounts of many other fatty acids that play an important role in the skin's overall function, especially for the outermost layer of the skin.

Rosehip oil is kind what ties this whole formula together, being a little bit of everything. Vitamin E is added for its antioxidant qualities.

Finally, this face serum has the property of luxury. Its bright red colour is absorbed easily by the skin without marking and the decadent floral aroma emanates on and on...