STFU Monkey Mind is quiet in nature. Medera Apothecary knows that the incessant noise of the monkey in the mind is exhausting, and so the nature of this tea is to gently silence that monkey.


STFU Monkey Mind has an earthy, slightly sweet, and floral taste. Lemon balm, californian poppy, and passionflower impart a light, earthly, floral taste, while heavier notes such as brahmi make it taste fuller and richer. Chinese date seed adds a dash of sweetness.


The herbs chosen for STFU Monkey Mind are all calming, anxiety-reducing herbs. Lemon balm, passionflower, and californian poppy are all very slightly sedative, anxiolytic, and relaxing to the nervous system.

Chinese date seed is chosen for its effects on cognition and brahmi is added for its adaotogenic qualities.

Together, these herbs create a quiet, calming experience.


STFU Monkey Mind can be used to quieten down a nervous or over-talkative mind. It can be used every day to keep a busy mind at bay or it can be used in a moment of stress. It can also just be used to find a moment of silence in the day.

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