Sweet Dreams is sweet and calming in nature. To the eyes, the nose, the palate, and the mind, this herbal blend is enchanting. Calming and sedative, the nature of this tea is very sleepy and very conducive to bed time.


Ahh, the floral taste of Sweet Dreams is hard to describe. It's a simple formula that explodes into floral, sweet, soothing tastes. Chamomile gives the sweetness while rose petals impart the floral aroma. Violet and sage ground the blend with earthy flavours.


Sweet Dreams has a very sedative, relaxing effect. This is what makes it the perfect night-time tea ritual. Its floral aromas relax the senses while chamomile sedates the mind and calms the nervous system to prepare for sleep.


Sweet Dreams can be used as a way to calm the mind and the body in preparation for sleep. It has sedative effects, and so is best used at night time. It can be used as a weaker infusion throughout the day simply as a calming, delicious drink.

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