Tiger Oil is both heating and cooling in nature. Its dual effect is part of what makes it effective, creating sensations on the skin that numb muscular aches and pains. It is also relieving in nature, in that it alleviates pain and soreness in muscles.


Tiger Oil's primary effects are caused by the aromatic compounds in its formula. Essential oil makes up 30% of this bottle and together they form a clever trick of nature. The effects created by these aromatic compounds on the skin create heating and cooling effects that trick nerve endings. While nerve endings are responding to the stimulus on the skin, they stop responding to other stimuli that might be causing pain. Examples of these include kaempherol, menthol, lyoniresinol, and eucalyptol.

Ricinoleic acid, the active compound of the castor oil component of this oil, also has pain relieving effects using very similar mechanisms as the aromatic compounds just mentioned.


Medera Apothecary has prepared two extractions for this formula. St John's Wort and camphor-infused oils are prepared as oil infusions, where the plant material macerated in MCT oil under a constant, controlled temperature for a period of time. For St John's Wort, we use the flowers and leaves, and for camphor, we use raw camphor wax and infuse it into the oil. We keep the temperature low so that none of the plant compounds are damaged in the process.

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