Vegan Oatmeal Bath Milk is a spin on Medera's Vegan Coco Bath Milk. Instead of coconut milk, this bath salt uses oatmeal as a soothing remedy for sensitive skin. In fact, Medera's Vegan Oatmeal Bath Milk is so gentle, it can be used on infants over 3 months of age.

Oats are highly emollient and soothe irritated skin such as eczema or nappy rash. Flowers like calendula and lavender calm the senses and keep the skin's tissue healthy. Finally, magnesium soothes any muscle soreness and fatigue.

The Vegan Oatmeal Bath Milk gives bathwater a milky consistancy. The magic ingredient is the oats themselves. They are ground so fine that they are actually called colloidal oats. When they are ground this fine, they disperse in the water and give the water a milky texture.

The bath is the most ritual way to use herbs, allowing them to seep in through the skin and the physical senses of touch and smell. It's an immersion of softness and delicacy.