Saffron Milk Night Cream is rich, hydrating, and beautifying in nature. With floral wax of jasmine, real saffron extract and goats milk, Saffron Milk Night Cream is an adventure into Ayurvedic skincare. The beautifying properties of raw milk and saffron come together in a luxurious face cream experience.


Saffron Milk Night Cream is an interesting combination of skin food and deep hydration. With simple humectant, vegetable glycerin, and goats milk as the fatty base, Saffron Milk Night cream has a thick, luxurious texture when applied.

Saffron extract is used for its antioxidants and carotenoids which refresh the skin's appearance and enhance skin vitality. 

Jasmine floral wax adds to the thick, luxurious texture of Saffron Milk Night Cream, giving it a velvety, satin finish that the skin soaks right up.


Medera Apothecary has prepared a single extraction for this formula; saffron tea. That's right. The best solvent for saffron's active constituents is actually water. The saffron aroma and appearance of the Saffron Milk Night Cream is made by steeping saffron threads in pure distilled water.