XX Blend is colourful, inspirational, and most of all, feminine in nature. The myriad flavours and and textures in this tea are reminiscent of the Earth itself. And so this herbal blend is a celebration of colours, tastes, aromas, and feelings.


XX Blend's taste is floral, sweet, and fresh. Hibiscus and rose form the top, more floral notes, while peppermint and lemongrass bring a freshness to the palate. Rosehip adds a dash of sweetness, and just like that all parts of the palate are stimulated.


XX Blend's effects are subtle and gentle. The tastes come together to create a relaxing yet celebratory experience — the kind that one enjoys in a hot bath, for example. XX Blend is calming and soothing to the feminine parts we all carry.


XX Blend is the perfect tasting mid-morning tea to use daily for its health benefits. Motherwort, violet, and sage are all herbs very well known to promote women's health and regularity, while all of the other plants used contain a host of different minerals and nutrients. Use XX Blend for a moment of peace or as a healthy breakfast.