XY Blend is masculine in nature. It's made for dudes — or for dudettes who want to get their dude on, but primarily for those carrying XY chromosomes. XY is a special blend of herbs formulated by Medera Apothecary for men's health.


As tulsi is the base for this tea, the baseline flavour is sweet earthiness. To add to the sweetness is licorice. Saffron brings the entire formula to live with its potent floral aroma and sage breaks through as a grounding aromatic.


XY Blend is lightly stimulating and is therefore best enjoyed as a morning or afternoon supplement. It's highly aromatic and heating and has energizing effects.


XY Blend can be used as a daily delicious supplement for men's health. Tulsi is an Ayurvedic libido enhancer while the scientific evidence for the use of saffron for men's health continues to increase. Sage has cognitive enhancing effects and licorice, delicious and warming. It's the perfect healthy beverage to drink between meals.