We tell you the source and origin of every single ingredient we use at Medera


We use only Australian Certified Organic preservatives at Medera, so you can rest easy knowing your skincare is safe.


Every formula is made with a deep understanding of naturopathy, herbalism, chemistry, and biology.


No waste, small batch, and hand crafted in regional Australia to care for you and the environment


Dirty Chai Beard Oil


About this

This smells so good, you could almost drink it. With notes of coffee, vanilla, cinnamon, and clove, this beard oil smells like breakfast. This is the perfect way to freshen up after a morning shower and care for your hairy face at the same time.

About you

You're proud of your beard and you love taking care of it. You love it to smell good so that whoever gets that close has a good time being there. You're the kind of guy who likes the smell of fresh coffee with his beard maintenance time.


Key Features

  • Nourishing
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Sensitive skin friendly
  • Perfect after shower 



Dirty Chai Beard Oil is stimulating in nature — to both the senses and the hair follicles. Designed to get beards growing and smelling like breakfast, Dirty Chai Beard Oil is energetic and fragrant. There's beard oil and then there's Dirty Chai Beard Oil. If it's going to go on your face, it should also smell like an aromatic breakfast.


Coffee-infused MCT oil does two jobs: caffeine does the same thing to your hair follicles as it does to your brain, and MCT oil's lauric acid hydrates the hair and the skin.

Argan oil, also rich in caffeic acid and tocopherols, is absorbed easily into the beard and skin so that the only residue left is the smell of dirty chai.


Coffee-infused MCT oil makes for one of the most aromatic oil infusions we've ever made at Medera. This recipe also contains vanilla-infused MCT oil. The infusions are made by steeping the botanicals in MCT oil at a constant, controlled temperature for a period of time. At low temperatures, neither the botanicals nor the oils are compromised.


Dirty Chai Beard Oil can be used by anybody.. with a beard. Well, it's good enough for any hair and any hair type, so it also doubles up as a hair oil. This is a no-fuss beard oil for low maintenance dudes. It's 100% plant derived so it can be enjoyed by vegans, too.


Best used after a shower or after washing the face to invigorate the skin and promote hair growth.


To use, put a few drops on the palms and spread. Then apply lightly to the beard. Feel free to run the rest through your hair.

  • Coffee-infused MCT oil
  • Vanilla bean-infused MCT oil
  • Argan oil
  • Hempseed oil
  • Essential oils of cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, clove, and Peru balsam

All ingredients are 100% traceable and unadulterated. Medera aims to manufacture products with ingredients and supplies from Australia. However, some herbs are not grown locally or are not grown to organic standards. Therefore, Medera sometimes uses herbs of non-Australian origin. Medera is 100% transparent about the sourcing of each and every ingredient in each and every product.

The coffee-infused MCT oil is made with coffee beans grown in Byron Bay, Australia.

The vanilla-bean infused MCT oil is made with vanilla beans of Madegascan origins.

The hemp seed oil is made from hemp grown in Mt. Elephant, Victoria, Australia.

All other ingredients are sourced from Australian suppliers.

Medera's biophotonic glass jars are made in Switzerland and are sourced from Australian suppliers.

One of the beautiful things about shopping for botanical products at Medera is that you can do a beautiful thing for the world and the environment.

Medera's product comes to you with absolutely zero plastic. Every last detail of Medera's packaging is plastic-free:

  • Biophotonic glass jars
  • Compostable bubble mailers
  • Cardboard shipping boxes
  • Greenwrap or biodegradable bubble wrap
  • Compostable sticky tape

Medera makes a huge effort to purchase from suppliers that also boycott plastic so that Medera doesn't produce a lot of waste making products for its customers.

Medera chose biophotonic glass jars for its packaging because of its unique ability to block UV light. UV light degrades compounds in botanical materials, especially aromatic ones. Oils are also prone to rancidity after exposure to UV light. Biophotonic glass jars mean that your jar of tea or body oil can sit right on the bench without being compromised by light (such as what happens with amber bottles). They should be reused when you've finished indulging in their insides because they're high quality glassware.

All compostable packaging products can be composted at home. Simply use them the exact same way you would compost your green waste, and they will break down into organic biomass. The Greenwrap can be recycled like any other cardboard.

We think about every step in the manufacture process and try to innovate a new way of doing things at every step of the way. We know that every part of the manufacture process has a footprint including transport, packaging and delivery. We aim to reduce that footprint in every way possible — and we're always excited to tell you how we did it.

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