using principles of alchemy

handmade in melbourne

Medera Apothecary is a small, artisan apothecary that takes the best of two worlds; traditional herbal philosophy and modern Western herbal medicine. Operated by a Melbourne herbalist with a love of plants, spagyric tinctures, and a fascination with the roots of Western herbal medicine and modern medicine as whole. Medera values sustainability in sourcing its ingredients and in the packaging it passes on to the customer.

100% green

zero waste

Medera has a 100% green, zero waste, zero plastic packaging system in place. We use biophotonic glass jars and bottles for the product, compostable bubble mailers, Envirobubble, Greenwrap, and even compostable sticky tape. You receive absolutely zero plastic and you make zero waste by choosing Medera products.

Modern design

Traditional philosophy

Medera's products are formulated using the traditional philosophy of whole plant synergy. No ingredients are refined down to single compounds. Medera prepares ethanol extractions and oil infusions using whole dried or fresh herbs. At Medera Apothecary, we use traditional, yet completely viable forms of extraction such as maceration and distillation. Extracts are created in small batches and never use chemical solvents. In fact, ethanol, natural carrier oils, and water are the only solvents ever used. This means Medera produces no chemical waste in the manufacture of its products.

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This is the way to say thank you, or I love you, or take some time for yourself. This is how you can give the gift of nature and natural self-care to someone you appreciate. This takes the confusion out of choosing what's good for them and letting them do the choosing.

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