Who is Medera?
Legend has it that Medera was one of a handful of women that knew how to make the philosopher's stone, and that she helped to pioneer the alembic still. Though I am not Medera, Medera is who I personify when I formulate and prepare Medera Apothecary's products. I am Sera, a Melbourne herbalist with a mixed background of Western Herbal Medicine and traditional Greek/Unani Tibb medicine.
Medera believes that humans and plants have a symbiotic relationship and that the complexities of the human mind and body are perfectly mimicked in the complexity of nature. With this philosophy, the blending of herbs becomes an art and a tool for working with the human body, its parts, and its ailments.
Medera uses principles of alchemy in its product manufacture. Distillation, ethanol extraction and calcification are essential parts of Medera's method of extracting herbs. In these processes, no chemicals are used, but rather ancient, yet still 100% viable forms of extraction are used that leave no chemical waste. With these extracts, Medera goes on to produce skincare, haircare and Mederapeutics.
Our values
Medera's philosophy rests on whole plant medicine. And the Apothecary reflects this. We don't believe that everyday self care necessitates refined products that are potentially harmful to the individual and the environment. Plus, Medera firmly believes that everything we need and seek exists in its whole form in nature.
In believing this, Medera doesn't just focus on botanical products but on the environment as a whole. In the process of manufacturing Medera products, we choose sustainability over everything else. We always choose ingredients that are sustainable over those that aren't. That's why you might notice our ingredient lists are simple and easy to read. We don't focus on finding the new trending ingredient, but on delivering botanicals that are tried and tested, bonafide good for you, straight to your body.
Medera sources as many of its botanicals from Australia as possible, and as many of its fixed oils from plants grown in Australia, too. We have a 100% disclosure model on the source of all of our ingredients for each and every product so that customers can make informed decisions. We value 100% transparency in manufacture processes.
What Medera is most proud of is that we have a zero plastic sustainable packaging system in place. It means that everything you receive as a consumer can be either composted or is 100% biodegradable in landfill in less than a year without leaving harmful residues. Even Medera's choice of sticky tape is compostable. We boycott buying from suppliers that don't use sustainable packaging themselves.
Medera Apothecary is bored of talking about change. Medera is implicit in change. We tell you everything we do and where everything comes from because we have nothing to hide. We do everything we can to reduce the footprint we live on this delicate world, and in turn, we pass that blessing on to our customers.