We tell you the source and origin of every single ingredient we use at Medera


We use only Australian Certified Organic preservatives at Medera, so you can rest easy knowing your skincare is safe.


Every formula is made with a deep understanding of naturopathy, herbalism, chemistry, and biology.


No waste, small batch, and hand crafted in regional Australia to care for you and the environment

NEW - 30ml night cream

Saffron Milk Night Cream


About this

This is luxurious. This is thick, creamy and decadently textured. This is deep nourishment in a very Ayurvedic way. This is a night cream through and through with a thick texture that hydrates all through the night.

About you

You like to use night time as a chance for skin repair. You understand that the stillness of the night is a perfect moment for skin to soak up the goodness of herbs. You like the Ayurvedic concept of Saffron and goats milk and you love the aroma of jasmine. You have dry or ageing skin or skin that's lost its bounce.


Key Features

  • Hydrating
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Brightens skin tone
  • Restorative 

Saffron Milk Night Cream is rich, hydrating, and beautifying in nature. With floral wax of jasmine, real saffron extract and goats milk, Saffron Milk Night Cream is an adventure into Ayurvedic skincare. The beautifying properties of raw milk and saffron come together in a luxurious face cream experience.


Saffron Milk Night Cream is an interesting combination of skin food and deep hydration. With simple humectant, vegetable glycerin, and goats milk as the fatty base, Saffron Milk Night cream has a thick, luxurious texture when applied.

Saffron extract is used for its antioxidants and carotenoids which refresh the skin's appearance and enhance skin vitality. 

Jasmine floral wax adds to the thick, luxurious texture of Saffron Milk Night Cream, giving it a velvety, satin finish that the skin soaks right up.


Medera Apothecary has prepared a single extraction for this formula; saffron tea. That's right. The best solvent for saffron's active constituents is actually water. The saffron aroma and appearance of the Saffron Milk Night Cream is made by steeping saffron threads in pure distilled water. 


Saffron Milk Night Cream is best enjoyed by those with dry skin or skin that is losing its elasticity. The texture and richness of Saffron Milk makes it inappropriate for those with oily skin. Dry, flakey, or wrinkly skin can benefit greatly from this Ayurvedic preparation.


Saffron Milk Night Cream should be used at night. Its thick luxurious texture takes some time to be absorbed by skin, and the quietude of night-time is a perfect opportunity to let skin slowly absorb the constituents of the cream. The face can be cleaned in the morning and a lighter day serum can be used in the daytime.


Dab a small amount of Saffron Milk onto various spots on the face. Using the finger tips, massage slowly in, focusing on problem areas such as under-eyes and where frown lines occur. Wash face in the morning and use a light serum throughout the day, such as Medera's Moringa Face Serum.

  • Distilled water
  • Goat's milk powder
  • Saffron extract
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Evening primrose oil
  • Rosehip oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Emulsifying wax NF
  • Jasmine floral wax
  • Parfum (vanilla & almond extracts)
  • Radish root ferment filtrate
  • Essential oils of jasmine, rose, lavender, mandarin, geranium, orange, and frankincense

All ingredients are 100% traceable and unadulterated. Medera aims to manufacture products with ingredients and supplies from Australia. However, some herbs are not grown locally or are not grown to organic standards. Therefore, Medera sometimes uses herbs of non-Australian origin. Medera is 100% transparent about the sourcing of each and every ingredient in each and every product.

Parfum is Naticide®, a trade name of Sinerga. It is a natural, organic preservative approved by ECOcert. It's made of vegetable origins and has a smell a lot like vanilla and almonds.

The Rosa canina (rosehip) oil is grown and pressed in the Andes of Chile.

Saffron extract is made with premium saffron threads grown in Iran.

The jojoba oil is produced from jojoba grown in New South Wales, Australia and is cold pressed.

Jasmine wax is a by product of the essential oil industry and is manufactured in the USA.

All other ingredients are sourced from Australian suppliers.

Medera's biophotonic glass jars are manufactured in Switzerland and are purchased from an Australian supplier.

One of the beautiful things about shopping for botanical products at Medera is that you can do a beautiful thing for the world and the environment.

Medera's product comes to you with absolutely zero plastic. Every last detail of Medera's packaging is plastic-free:

  • Biophotonic glass jars
  • Compostable bubble mailers
  • Cardboard shipping boxes
  • Greenwrap or biodegradable bubble wrap
  • Compostable sticky tape

Medera makes a huge effort to purchase from suppliers that also boycott plastic so that Medera doesn't produce a lot of waste making products for its customers.

Medera chose biophotonic glass jars for its packaging because of its unique ability to block UV light. UV light degrades compounds in botanical materials, especially aromatic ones. Oils are also prone to rancidity after exposure to UV light. Biophotonic glass jars mean that your jar of tea or body oil can sit right on the bench without being compromised by light (such as what happens with amber bottles). They should be reused when you've finished indulging in their insides because they're high quality glassware.

All compostable packaging products can be composted at home. Simply use them the exact same way you would compost your green waste, and they will break down into organic biomass. The Greenwrap can be recycled like any other cardboard.

We think about every step in the manufacture process and try to innovate a new way of doing things at every step of the way. We know that every part of the manufacture process has a footprint including transport, packaging and delivery. We aim to reduce that footprint in every way possible — and we're always excited to tell you how we did it.

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